Next Step For The Big Vegan Box Giveaway...

Vegan Food Lover,

you would like a large plant-based snack box packed with delicious animal cruelty-free food snacks free of charge?

On behalf of the entire me, Bill and Joy and the entire Veganappeal family, I would like to say THANK YOU for entering into this Vegan Snack Box Giveaway Contest!

Here is some additional information on how to enter and increase your likelihood of winning this nice prize containing multiple vegan-friendly yummy products.

  • Our Vegan Snack Box Winner will be drawn on the August, 31 of 2017 (Check out the official terms). The lucky winner will be announced on our official Facebook Page at as well as on our newsletter via email.
  • Make sure you have indeed already liked our page, commented, and of course, registered for our next drawn to win your Vegan Box (if you are reading this then mostly you have registered, if not, do so at our Facebook pageMoreover, we would like to spread the word about our brand and free giveaway.

Here is where you come in!

Why not tell your friends and family about us and this incredible opportunity (you know, sharing is caring!).

How To Share?

Let them know by copy and paste of the link below and the best way to guarantee you know if you have won is to visit our official Facebook page, website and or check your email regularly.

Lastly, doing the above serves as an additional opportunity to learn about the latest trends, recipes and important information on living a healthy vegan lifestyle as well as receiving more plant-based, yummy promotional offers to your advantage!!

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